Ananya Chandra

Commonwealth comes to town.

In Uncategorized on September 22, 2010 at 5:02 pm

They’re here. The very highly anticipated Commonwealth Games (2010) are just round the corner and I must say, Delhi’s in quite a mess. Living in the city, you can see and experience the mess. The roads are a mess, the weather is a mess, the Games Village is a mess.

Basically, what isn’t a mess? That’s exactly it. Most people FAIL to see that part of the picture; the part of it, that actually isn’t in a mess. We just continue to run everything down, without appreciating what we’ve got. Every morning, you wake up to see just another derogatory comment plastered across the front of the newspaper. Every evening, you hear just another politician shout out a derogatory comment on the news. Blah, blah, blah.

I’m sixteen, which isn’t saying a lot. But what I have now realised is, that out of the population of Indians who are very well-educated, a majority of them aren’t really proud to be Indians at all. It’s sad, and humiliating. Because we are always going on about how the government can’t do this, and how the government can’t do that. But come on. Have we ever taken a minute to thank them for what they’ve actually done? I don’t think so.

It’s hard enough being the government of a nation of one billion people, without having to deal with us; the constantly demanding and unhappy citizens. We (the so-called ‘educated class’ of people) – instead of being thankful for what we have – sit around and run the government down. I mean come on, if the citizens of a country, run their own country down, you can’t expect people of other countries to do much different. Now we’re sitting around, and feeling extremely embarrassed because the officials of New Zealand and England are making harsh statements about the plight of New Delhi. But think about it. We’re the one who can’t seem to come together as a nation. We’re as much to blame, as anyone else is. So we should probably stop pointing fingers at someone else. Just by doing something as small as that, I feel it will make a difference. At least we’ll unite together as a country. It gives you something to ponder over, doesn’t it?


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