Ananya Chandra

Under Pressure

In Uncategorized on November 23, 2010 at 1:21 pm

Exams are around the corner. I’m a junior. In India, juniors don’t really study much, because sophomore year sucks, and we study really hard then. But then again. I’m an Ivy League aspiring junior. And to think that I might fail some subject is very mortifying. Yeah, like that’ll get me to Princeton. JOY to the world.

My excuse for all this is that currently there is so much going on my life. Being a hard worker doesn’t really come easy. And boy, is that true. I have waay too much work, and it keeps me up at night, literally. Whatever happened to time management. Oh yeah, I happen to suck at that. Big time. My mom calls me the ‘world’s biggest post-poner’. It’s true, pretty much.  Like take right now as an example. I should be studying Economics, but of course Facebook is more entertaining. And of course, I had to think of writing my blog, today. Jeez, which seventeen year old writes a blog anyway.

If I don’t manage all this work (which I wont – way to be positive) I will probably die. Okay, I wont. But it’ll be the end of my life, metaphorically. No Ivy League, no becoming an Ivy League drop-out (I am constantly reminded that to become an Ivy League drop-out, technically I need to get in first), no becoming Bill Gates/Mark Zuckerberg. This is just what I planned for myself. Whoopee.

[I can’t believe I just said whoopee. All this garbage is messing with my head. Maybe I should go study.]


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