Ananya Chandra


About me…I am wondering where to being. I’m a girl. A teenager to be precise. I wonder how many teenagers have blogs? I must be really bored. But I like doing this..writing is one of my things. Also, I play the piano, and I’m learning how to sing. I’m much better at the piano. Singing is much harder than you think-I thought it would be belting out a bunch of notes, and keeping in tune. But apparently not. Anyway. Music is the one thing that keeps my happy. Always. Wait..happy is not the way I should put it. But if I’m in an extreme mood, which is often, and I sit down to play the piano, I become calm again. So it controls me, sort of. Moving on, I run a newsletter with two of my best friends. Its called Copy Write and its only for the students of our school. I mean we have subscribers and stuff. I love animals. list of pets so far: A dog, a giant snail, a squirrel, a pigeon, and another dog. Pretty insane right. My latest obsession is WordPress. I will add to this later.


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