Ananya Chandra

Bad Day

In Uncategorized on November 26, 2010 at 2:59 pm

Today was possibly one of the most demoralizing days of my life, ever. No kidding. I don’t kid. I don’t really feel like writing this post, but I feel like I should. I’ve decided to be regular with my posts, with my blog. It’s a commitment I made to myself, and what’s the point if I can’t honour a commitment that I made to me?

So anyhow. My exams are round the corner. They begin in a week, to be exact – and I haven’t gotten any work done. So basically, I am screwed. I seem to be mentioning this a lot, because it’s one of the major things going on in my life I think. I’ve never been this scared about any set of exams. Actually, I’m not scared about actually giving them, I’m scared about the dreaded results. I guess it will be, what it will be.

Today, I went to school because I’m on the school editorial board (I guess the blog may, sort of explain that). Anyway, it was a waste of time. And it’s not like I didn’t know it would be a waste of time, I knew it would. But I went anyway because after school two other editors and I were supposed to go format the school magazine. Basically, the work we ended up doing at the formatter’s, I could’ve done at home, easily. It was the waste of yet another precious day. Joy.

Also, I absolutely detest how people are unable to keep commitments that they make; it drives me up the freaking wall. Not much I can do about changing the sentiment of the entire world though. I must go eat dinner, if I don’t want to be eaten up alive by my mother.


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